Do I Stay or Do I Go?

I have a class that I want to drop. I overslept a couple of days and attended a few field trips and it left me REALLY behind in class. If I keep the class and I fail, I won't have enough credits to graduate in 3 months, but if I drop the class and become a teacher's aide for the remainder of the semester, I will end with enough credits to pass. My parents want me to keep the class, but I want to drop it. What should I do?
-A high school senior

oh, the dilema. Quitting could actually help you get your diploma, but then... you're a quitter. Sometimes in life we need to suck it up, put our nose to the grindstone and get on with it. And sometimes we need to cut our losses and get out. As parents, it is ok for us to see our children fail once in a while. What we don't want to see is our children fail again... and again... and again. So, sit down and weigh your options and see what is really in your best interest... for your future. Then, if you decide dropping the class is in your best interest, come up with a game plan of how you will prevent this from happening again. Then, go to your parents and present your game plan. Own up to your mistakes, let them know you've taken this seriously and let them know you have a plan to keep it from being a repeat pattern. This is the time in your life for learning. Your parents will handle your mistakes better if they can see that your learned from them.

Whaddya think?

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