Life seems to have become centered around fancy things. Cool phones, mp3 players, flat panel tvs, and other high tech gadgets. I find it interesting that many of these items are owned by young adults and kids. People who are dependent upon their parents to help with their bills or are taking out loans to pay for school. When did it become ok to ask your parents to buy your groceries so you could buy a Droid or to sign by the X so you can have that cool 46" flat panel tv right after you returned from signing by the X on student loans. People, they are just things! And in my opinion doing things like that are completely dishonest. My husband makes quite a nice salary (really- we are quite comfortable financially) and yet my car is 6 years old and has been paid for, for 3 years and there is not a tv in our house that cost more than $200 (to clarify 1 of them was $200 and the other two were each $50 off of craigslist). Of course we want a 50ish" flat screen with a new entertainment system in our family room (our current entertainment system cost $75 on craigslist), but I think its more important to pace ourselves and keep our savings high in the event of a "rainy day". Those "rainy days" are becoming the norm not the exception. And the cause of our drowning economy is the result of a society that wanted it all and couldn't say no. Its been blamed on bad business practices of companies (primarily banks) but they weren't handing out loans to people who weren't asking for them. Live within your means and learn to say "no". Its is healthy for us to realize we can't have it all, all at once. And your parents have worked hard to get where they are. They have already supported you, so get off your butt and get a job. And if you have one, don't spend more than you make! Our society has been raised with a sense of entitlement. Just because your parents can have, doesn't mean you should get it too. I mean, you can, but earn it yourself!
I can count on one hand the amount of times I've been "bailed out" or "helped along" and all but one of them were loans, that were paid off in a timely manner and *gasp* I survived! They are just things people. A fancy phone, owning that new release, having the latest gaming system or a high tech tv will NOT make you happy. Financing your home improvements or taking out a loan for new living room furniture will NOT make you happy. Maybe temporarily, but in the end you will come out with the stress of debt or at the very least not learn the lesson in humility that is vitally important to the the success of our society.
Now, don't get me wrong. I don't think these "things" are evil. I really want to travel to Australia. I want a new flat panel tv and entertainment system really bad. And I LOVE my uggs and coach bags. And to get these things I will continue to buy my new kitchen table off of craigslist for $260 (it is beautiful) because I need to spend less than what we earn and save for a rainy day. I don't need it all at once.
So, who's with me? Just say "no" (or atleast "not now") so that we can be financially secure and independent (and humble) tomorrow!

Whaddya think?

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