A Kinder, Gentler Nation

Have you ever seen a homeless person on the side of the road? Of course you have. What do you do? Quickly look away, lock your car doors, read their sign to see if this time there is a great, heartfelt plea there that is worthy of your money, or possibly mentally go through the contents of your car or wallet for something that would be of help to this poor soul down on their luck?

I've heard a story about a mom who had her precious baby boy with her out to lunch at a fast food joint. There was a smelly, dirty man at the next table who kept cooing and smiling at her angelic child. The baby loved it; the mom did not. She wanted this gross, strange man, to leave her innocent baby alone. She quickly ate and got up to leave, purposefully turning her back and getting as far away from her baby's stalker as possible. But, as she passed this man, her baby lept from her arms and landed in the arms of this dirty, disgusting man. While the mom was overcoming her shock, she saw a remarkable thing happen. Her baby didn't see a disgusting man, he saw a person. A person who smiled at him and enjoyed his return smile. A person who wanted to make him happy. He didn't smell him, or see the rips in his clothes. He saw a man who had a good heart. After the moment was over, this stranger handed the baby back to his mother, and said, "Thank you ma'am. I really needed that today." This mom had a change of heart.

I'm not saying that we should give money to every homeless man on the street or let them hold our babies. But, maybe, there are times in our lives, that we should look past the cover of the book to the pages inside. Because just maybe, there is a remarkable story inside.

I think there are times in life, when we don't reach out to others because deep down we are wondering "What's in it for me?". Sometimes we just don't care and sometimes we are just too plain busy to notice anything unless it is right in front of our face. I think to much is given, much is expected, and I for one, feel like I have been given a lot. So, I try to notice when a friend is having a baby, or has sick kids or is struggling with something in her life. I'm sure there is a lot I miss. But, I know there is a whole world out there that is struggling along. So I try.

I saw an elderly lady who pulled out in front of another driver today by accident. It was apparent she thought she was getting waved out. This other driver, who had plenty of room to give her space and NOT hit her, quite rudely and unnecessarily was overly aggressive with her horn. Repeatly. I felt bad for this elderly lady, who was paying attention and just made an honest mistake.

We all make honest mistakes and we all have times of need. We should be banding together as societies, communities and families to help one another. Be patient with one another. Be supportive of one another. We should constantly be striving to be more aware of those around us and forgive others of their tresspasses. Because, we are all books of some kind. And inside each of us there is an amazing story to be told. How much better our world would be if we were all constantly striving to be a Kinder, Gentler, more Patient Nation?

Whaddya think?


  1. I think over and over for the past few weeks I've been repeating the mantra of be kind, be gentle to my kids, repeatedly throughout the day... but they aren't the only ones who need to hear it. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I agree completely. I try to be forgiving and very patient. I don`t always succeed, but I hope on the days that I do that I have been a positive example to someone. Our world would be a much better one if people would give just a little bit to someone who needs it more than them.