I am not usually at a loss for words, but recently I've been informed of something that has left me pondering more than talking.

Our good friends, Don and Joan, have suffered a loss in their lives. Their conjoined twin grand-daughters have completed their time on earth after almost four years of fighting. Every time I would hear of these little girls, the word "miracle" comes to mind.

Emma and Taylor Bailey were born almost four years ago and the doctors never gave them much hope. The doctors speculated that they would survive only a few hours. These precious little girls were joined from the waist to the sternum and shared a heart. A heart that was not large enough to sustain both of them.

I've pondered lately what exactly it is about these girls that automatically makes me think "miracle". What exactly is the miracle here? Is it that they lived almost until the age of four when they were given only minutes? Or maybe that they actually grew and thrived in spite of the odds they were given? Or possibly that they were able to touch as many lives as they did in their short time? Or was it simple that they left when they did, that the miracle was actually the fact that they were finally relieved of the pain and torment this life held for them?

I'd like to think that the miracle is that they were here and touched the lives that they came in contact with. Just like every other child who is born, the miracle is the gift of life itself, regardless of how long or short it was. I personally think it is amazing that these two little girls, who were best friends, maybe even because they had to be, were here and lived their life together. They came into this world together and they left it together, and that is the most miraculous thing of all.

Emma and Taylor Bailey

Whaddya think?


  1. Dear Shay,
    I love reading your blog. You have a gift for writing and your posts are truly inspiring. I'm so glad you use your talent for such a wonderful cause.
    Becky Turinetti Wessel

  2. Oh that was beautiful Shay! Thank you for making us sit and remember everything to be grateful for, and all those who have "touched" our lives in many ways.

  3. I don't know how I missed this blog. I remember this. It happened while I was still living in Washington. I remember always being happily surprised to hear that some how despite the odds they had survived for so long. After I moved I always wondered how they where doing. The fact that they did live so long really is a miracle! They really did touch lives while they were here. As I'm sure they will continue to touch lives with them beyond the veil. They really are special spirits.