And I Didn't Drop a Ball

Sometimes I feel like a clown in the circus. I'm all dressed up with a smile painted on my face and juggling half a dozen items while entertaining an audience. Sometimes people throw more balls in the mix for us to juggle and sometimes some Sweet Angel comes and takes one away from us. Sometimes we drop a ball, but usually, because we have the stamina of Wonder Woman, we don't.

This morning while cutting my preschooler's lunch in a million pieces (to try and prevent him from stuffing too much in his mouth and puking again at preschool), I was writing a note for my kindergartner's backpack (the book order code I'd been given wasn't working) and trying very hard to remember to call my friend and ask if we could do a Halloween costume exchange when we swapped baby clothes sizes that day. We made it just in time to the bus stop, which meant that we were only 12 minutes late to preschool, which made us 15 minutes early to meet my friend for the clothing swap. But, today I remembered every one's shoes, backpacks and jackets. (SCORE!)

I knew that I needed to book it home in time to play the Dig N' Dinos Monopoly Jr game with my kindergartner and remind him every other turn to take a bite of his lunch so that he would be done in time to ride the kindergarten bus. He ate his apple while we walked to the bus stop.

I knew that I really needed to get to work on the lesson I'd be teaching to a group of 12- 13 year old girls in church on Sunday and I desperately needed to work on the class I was teaching at the adoption conference in November, on "Making Your Adoption Happen" (because mine seems to be... happening???? Go figure.) Don't get me started on how far behind I am on scrapbooking....

But, luckily today I don't have laundry to do, because I caught up on Friday, which means tomorrow, I'll need to catch up again, but I get a reprieve today. I know that tomorrow my adoption caseworker will be here to do a home study while I'm getting everyone ready for school and hopefully I can have everything done by the time we head for the bus stop so I can continue on to the eye doctor for Rascal's eye appointment. We'll probably be 10 minutes late. If we're lucky.

I've heard a lot of bloggers lately talking about their busy lives as SAHMs. Some are taking on extra jobs to make ends meat, others are collapsing onto the floor sobbing, overwhelmed with life. I've got the solution girls:

Let's just chill.

I've got a confession to make: My toilets are dirty. Shhh, don't tell anyone.

I don't care. Seriously. Not a bit. Because today my kindergartner creamed me at Dig N' Dinos Monopoly. (seriously- embarrassing- he CREAMED me.) We had a blast. And tonight our family will have a great lesson on what are important things in life to focus on. We'll use blocks to teach it, and we'll have a blast.

Another confession: My playroom is a disaster. And the only bed made in the house- is mine. woops. that was two confessions.

I have no idea what I am going to make for dinner tonight, but I have an adorable costume for my preschooler to wear on Halloween.

Because I (you) ROCK!! and I think I've got another solution for us.

I heard someone say once that there are boxes in men and women's minds. Women have like 10- 20 boxes open at a time and they are like bees in a beehive all buzzing around, crazy like, bumping into each other and never shutting up. Men open one box, say "work" and deal with it, and then they put it back, close the box and move onto the next box, say "dad", work on it and then put it back before opening the other box. And they even have a box labeled "Nothing".

"What are you thinking about honey?"


seriously?? I don't even what that is....

So, today, I'm calling on all men everywhere to open more than one box at a time. Even just occasionally? Just two boxes occasionally?

Then maybe we can keep it down to 10 boxes open at a time. (And then they'd like better what happens at night when the door is closed.)

But, even if they don't, I'm still not cleaning the toilets today.

Because I'm Chillin.

(In the spirit of full disclosure: My Sidekick is pretty great! It was just a busy day- and for the record- I still didn't drop any balls)

Whaddya think?

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  1. Um, yeah. I can't tell you the number of times I've asked the hubs what he was thinking about, and the answer was nothing. wow.

    We have about fifty bajillion things going on this week with us trying to move out of a rental house, decide what needs to go to England with us and what needs to be put in long-term storage, pack our suitcases with everything we need for the next two months, chase around a bunch of paperwork, and still have the patience to take care of my three year old that is experiencing the typical "what is going on in my life right now because my parents are acting crazy" stress.

    Candy and deep breathing exercises are working now. I can't wait until Saturday afternoon.