My Crib is Safe

I am all for keeping my kids safe, but it seems to me like the Baby Industry has gotten a little recall happy. It feels like every time I turn around, there's a recall on another toy, crib, food or car seat. Some of them are quite frivilous and others very necessary, but when there is a new recall every week, its hard to know which ones are truly worth paying attention to. Here are a couple I noticed (probably for the wrong reasons):

*A couple of years ago, Bumbo seats were recalled. These fabulous seats were recalled because parents would leave their 3 month old babies in them on the countertop and walk away. The babies would fall and get skull fractures. DUH!! I think the parents should be recalled, not the seats.

*A few days ago, Burlington Coat Factory recalled all of their children's hoodies, due to strangulation hazard. Seriously? Maybe we should recall jump ropes too. Or we could teach our children not to wrap things around their necks. (no injuries have been reported)

*Fisher Price just recalled a huge list of high chairs, tricycles, baby toys, and car and truck ramps. Millions of products. The high chairs have a plastic piece on the back that, if fallen on, has the potential to cut someone. (7 children have received stitches and there has been one "tooth injury". ) Rascal got 5 stitches in his forehead when he was 18 months old because he hit the corner of the wall- maybe all of our houses should be round... The baby toys have inflatible pieces, that if removed from the toy, and allowed to be chewed on, the valve can be bitten off and the baby could choke. Maybe this one is a little more valid, but still, 3 children have been reported to have "begun to choke" and the valve has been found in the mouth of 14 children. It's inflatible. There is a valve so don't pull it off. The tricycles have a little protruding plastic key that, if fallen on, can result in "serious injury, including genital bleeding". What does that mean? A child was cut? 10 children have been reported to have been injured.

But, sometimes there are actually recalls worth taking note of. Like Similac formula feared to have beetles and their larvae mixed into the powder. Disgusting- yes, uncomfortable- maybe, dangerous- no. Still, I'd want to know that one. (So did all the other mothers, the website crashed after the recall was announced because so many parents were looking up lot numbers...)

And I want to know about the products that are seriously poorly made. Cribs that pose serious suffocation risks, car seats that have faulty handles that break, causing you to drop the seat and potentially seriously injure your child or cause things of this nature.

I looked up recalls on the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and I lost count of all the recalls. It just gets too confusing. I think our children would be safer if there were ratings on the seriousness of the recall. Like 1 to 5. 5 being deadly, 1 being a minor caution. Products shouldn't be recalled because parents are idiots or fluke accidents happen, maybe those should just come out as product warnings. We are the parents. We need to take some responsibility back for the safety of our children. Read the manuals when you put things together. Check your cribs periodically for loose screws. And don't put your babies on the counter, even in a baby seat, and walk away. The recalls would be fewer and easier to discern between if parents would just use plain old common sense.

On that note, you can go here and see if your crib is recalled.

Whaddya think?


  1. Ugh. I completely agree. Call me ignorant but I've just stopped searching for recalls because it seems everything we have can be potentially dangerous for our children. Like you said, WE need to take responsibility for our babies and make sure we aren't allowing them to chew on rubber inflatable toys in the first place! :)

  2. I think people should have to pass some sort of competency exam. Before they are allowed to raise children.

  3. I agree with the fact that some parents should be recalled. I can't stand how some parents are neglectful of their children and/or don't care enough about them to watch out for them and pay attention to them. It's just terrible.

    However, the similac issue is another case altogether. It's been a pretty big deal here in Idaho. In my ward alone there have been three babies who's mothers fed them similac (before the roach/bettle news came out) and all three of them got very sick very quickly for no apparent reason. They all had relatively the same symptoms too. It wasn't until the news about the bettle larve being in similac did they switch to a different brand. And miraculously within just a few days of being on the different brand all three babies recovered from their unknown sickness. YUCK!

  4. I think that the litigious society we live in creates the need to put moron disclaimers on everything. Remember that lady that was awarded a boatload of cash because SHE spilled her coffee on herself?

    I think many of these recalls fall into the same category--choking hazards. Stuff breaks and falls apart. Too bad people would rather hurl blame and sue the makers of everything ether than accept responsibility for looking after their own children. Take a few minutes here and there to check out your kids' toys. Shake them, toss them around, and ensure that they aren't going to harm your babies.