Because You're 12 Today....

If all girls began their teenage years with this kind of encouragement, how different our world would be....

This is such an exciting time for you!! You have left the little girl behind and begun the exciting journey through womanhood. Over these next few years you will be given the opportunity to decide who you are and what kind of person you want to be. Choose wisely. Who you decide to become will shape your future.

As you prepare for this journey, I’d like to give you with a word of advice. I’ve heard before that most of life’s important lessons were taught to us in preschool (being honest, sharing, taking turns, being kind, etc.) and the lesson I have is from preschool as well. As you live your life, I encourage you to
Stop, Look and Listen. Quite often, things are not what they seem and it’s important for us to Stop and take a Look around. Listen to the spirit as it guides you and directs you along the right path. The road may seem clear of cars and danger, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t lurking just around the corner speeding towards you. A moment could have effects that last a lifetime.

We, the women of your life, stand behind you. We support you and encourage you. We think that you are incredible. You are poised and graceful. You are beautiful, smart and kind. You will make a beautiful, amazing lady. You have now entered into this exciting part of your life and it will be filled with beauty and love, heartache and sadness, and joy beyond anything you ever imagined. And you will do great.

...As the New Year begins, pick a child, a youth, or maybe even a struggling friend and support them. Stand behind them. Show them love. Take a moment to listen. Change the outlook of the world, one treasured person at a time.

Whaddya think?


  1. I'm totally going to save this post and turn it into a letter for my future daughters to have. I think it is so important to every girl no matter the age to remember how loved and supported they are, and to remember the things that are so simple yet vitally important like staying honest and kind especially as this world become worse and worse.

    Thanks so much for sharing this post. It meant a lot to me and hopefully will to my future little girls!!

  2. Did you write this or is it copyrighted? I want to copy it and put it on my blog, so let me know if you have any objections. This is wonderful and beautifully written. Thank you Shay. You are awesome as always. Love you.

  3. Of course I actually wrote this! :) I actually wrote it for my good friend's daughter. My friend asked her close family and good friends to write her daughter a letter with words of advice or funny stories that she could give her when she started her period. That is the time that physically our bodies change as we begin adulthood and she wanted her daughter to, privately- so she wasn't embarrassed, be uplifted and supported as she began that journey. I thought it was an excellent idea and was happy to be a support for her daughter.
    Do with it what you like and use it for good.