Top Ten Things You'd Never Have To Say To Little Girls

10. Your cast is not a weapon.

9. Don't wash your cars in the toilet.
8. Stop that. I don't have time to take you in for stitches today.
7. No, I won't spell "fart".
6. Why are there rocks in your bed?

5. You don't need a 'medkit', you're just fine.

4. Don't spit on your brother.

3. No, the frog cannot take a bath in my washing machine.

2. There is no bad guy that needs to be killed with a sword on your baby's head. There is NEVER a bad guy there.

and the #1 (that I've personally had to say way too often),


Come on, you know you've said it (if you have boys). What else have you said?
What do you say to girls?
Whaddya think?


  1. I actually HAVE said, "Why are there rocks in your bed?" to my girls. I found a pile under Kyra's pillow--on more than one occassion! Usually we have to say things like: Stop screaming, don't pull your sister's hair, and put your dress down....

  2. hahaha! Yes I've caught myself saying that to my son... but sadly? My daughter LOVES washing things in toilet! *cringe*

  3. "Quit touching your brother's pen*s. No, don't touch yours either. Those are private parts."