Are ya ready???

It seems like the news is always full of the latest global and local tragedies. There are floods and earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes, tsunamis and blizzards, just to name a few. This latest major tragedy, the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, really affected me. One day there was a high tech, civilized life and within moments, all of that was gone. It didn't matter how nice their computer was, how fancy of a phone they had or the brand of shoes they were wearing. Suddenly, literally suddenly, their lives were focused on survival: basic food, clean water, basic shelter and clean air. I've always considered my family pretty prepared for emergencies, but I began to wonder, how ready are we? We have cash reserves, money saved, food storage and 72 hour kits, but our 72 hour kits are now outdated and our food storage could use some revamping. What would we do if something happened while my Sidekick was at work and the kids were at school. How would we find each other? What if we had to flee from our home in the middle of the night? Would we be ready? What if we had to buckle down and stay in our home for weeks on end without electricity? Could we stay warm? Could we eat? Could our neighbors?

Do we have good emergency plans in place?

Well, now we do. Our 72 hour kits have been completely updated.

and we are in the process of updating our food storage and organizing a neighborhood preparedness plan. The government has organized a plan 3 Days, 3 Ways where they give tips and advice to help us be prepared. One program they have developed is Map Your Neighborhood, because there is a decent chance that it could be your neighbors that you depend on to help you through the crisis. So, I have requested the materials (they have everything all ready for you) and will offer to plan a neighborhood meeting to map my neighborhood. It may have taken a major tsunami and earthquake, but my family is step by step, becoming more prepared.

The more prepared we are, the less we have to fear. So, how ready is your family?

Whaddya think?


  1. We have a very outdated large duffle bag filled with food (that's gone bad) and other essentials. I like the idea of individual bags-much easier to carry. You've inspired me to update our emergency preparedness stash, which makes my eagle scout husband very happy. Thanks for the idea.

  2. We are about half-prepared, and when we get there and settled, we will finish our year supply and 72-hour kits and water. Those backpacks look fantastic. Can't wait to see them in person.