I Expect More

The other day, my Sidekick did something that made me upset. This happens from time to time, I mean, I'm a girl and he's a boy. So, I did what I normally do when this happens: I tell him what he did that made me upset and why. Writing it like this makes me sound all level headed about it and really calm, but don't let me fool you, I wasn't completely level headed or amazingly calm, so when he said, "I don't think I acted differently than any normal husband would", I quickly lost whatever cool I was maintaining. At that point, I was lashed out at him through my tears, "Of course it was the normal response of a husband, but I expect more."

And although I was a bit worked up, the truth is, I do expect more. From everyone. In this day where selfish, lazy people are the trend, we should all expect more. We should expect honesty and fairness, trust and kindness. We should expect for those around us to follow through with their commitments. We should expect our friends and loved ones to care more about those around them than they do of themselves. We should expect for people to be accepting and welcoming. We should expect that people think enough of themselves to live an honorable life. Honor in dress, speech and actions.

There will be times that we fall short and those around us who love us most need to uplift and encourage us to be all that we can be. Sometimes expecting more is being patient while others realize that they can be more. Sometimes expecting more is accepting them for who they are. But, to some degree, if we aren't constantly stretching for a bar that is above us, our muscles will become weak and tired and the bar will continue to be lowered. So, set it high and stretch!

Yes, I do expect more, and when I told him that, I got more. And I hope people expect more of me too.

Whaddya think?

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