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This is The Year

Recently over the years, as my birthdays have come and gone and I have grown older, I've found myself counting down to this year. It won't be a society recognized milestone birthday or a birthday that people would naturally assume as a transition point in my life. For many, this year will come and go as every other year does. But, for me, this will definitely be a turning point, or maybe a better way of saying it is a "passing point" in my life. This year, I will turn 34 and at some point later in this year, I will become and then surpass, the age my mother was when she died.

As this date has become closer and closer as the years have gone by, I couldn't help but notice the similarities between our life paths. At this point in our lives, we have both been married for about the same amount of time. We both have 3 children that did not come to us easily. Our child bearing years were marred with miscarriages and near death experiences. We both chose to be Stay at Home Moms as we lived the American Dream with homes and good friends and family to support our daily lives. We were both very involved in our churches with a deep love and gratitude for our Heavenly Father, His Son Jesus Christ and their brilliant and guiding Plan.

This year, with its upcoming date, has stirred many emotions in me as it has neared. Gratitude. Fear. Excitement. Trepidation. Accomplishment. Sadness. Eagerness. Loneliness. It has always been about me. The accomplishment of making it further than she did. The sadness of not being able to share my motherhood stories with my own mother. The fear that there is always the chance that I may not make it either. And the gratitude that, chances are, I will have more time that she did.

But, last night as I sat in my most sacred of places, wearing the dress that she had once worn, I pondered this milestone that only I will have this year. As I ran my fingers along the lace of my dress, Her dress, I wondered when the last time was that she had done that same thing, and suddenly this year became much less about me, and all about her. For her, this year, was a year of Lasts. At this point in the year, she would have just concluded her Last Christmas. Her last plate of milk and cookies, her last Christmas morning filled with fun, excitement and Santa's Loot. She would be heading into the year that would provide her Last Easter, her Last Birthday, her Last Family Gathering. She would experience her Last Carpool, her Last Closet Monster Check, her Last Parent Teacher Conference, and her Last Kiss Goodnight. I imagine that often times the last time would come and go and she never got the chance to realize she'd never get that chance again. I wondered how many things she would have done different if she'd known it would be the last time.

I thought about this year I was beginning, filled with birthday parties, family vacations, basketball games, piano lessons, family game nights and good night kisses and I ached for her. My year will be full of her lasts and then I will awaken and get to do it all again next year. So, this year, I am having a plaque made to hang above my door that reads, "This Year, I will Cherish Today." So, that every day when I roll out of bed and begin my day with my family, I will remember that this day, for her, held a last time. And when my special day comes and goes and my life has surpassed my mothers, I will keep my sign to remind me that that day, was a day she didn't have. And I will cherish every one.

If you knew her and have a story you'd like to share, I'd love to hear it.

Whaddya think?


Top Ten Things You'd Never Have To Say To Little Girls

10. Your cast is not a weapon.

9. Don't wash your cars in the toilet.
8. Stop that. I don't have time to take you in for stitches today.
7. No, I won't spell "fart".
6. Why are there rocks in your bed?

5. You don't need a 'medkit', you're just fine.

4. Don't spit on your brother.

3. No, the frog cannot take a bath in my washing machine.

2. There is no bad guy that needs to be killed with a sword on your baby's head. There is NEVER a bad guy there.

and the #1 (that I've personally had to say way too often),


Come on, you know you've said it (if you have boys). What else have you said?
What do you say to girls?
Whaddya think?


Because You're 12 Today....

If all girls began their teenage years with this kind of encouragement, how different our world would be....

This is such an exciting time for you!! You have left the little girl behind and begun the exciting journey through womanhood. Over these next few years you will be given the opportunity to decide who you are and what kind of person you want to be. Choose wisely. Who you decide to become will shape your future.

As you prepare for this journey, I’d like to give you with a word of advice. I’ve heard before that most of life’s important lessons were taught to us in preschool (being honest, sharing, taking turns, being kind, etc.) and the lesson I have is from preschool as well. As you live your life, I encourage you to
Stop, Look and Listen. Quite often, things are not what they seem and it’s important for us to Stop and take a Look around. Listen to the spirit as it guides you and directs you along the right path. The road may seem clear of cars and danger, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t lurking just around the corner speeding towards you. A moment could have effects that last a lifetime.

We, the women of your life, stand behind you. We support you and encourage you. We think that you are incredible. You are poised and graceful. You are beautiful, smart and kind. You will make a beautiful, amazing lady. You have now entered into this exciting part of your life and it will be filled with beauty and love, heartache and sadness, and joy beyond anything you ever imagined. And you will do great.

...As the New Year begins, pick a child, a youth, or maybe even a struggling friend and support them. Stand behind them. Show them love. Take a moment to listen. Change the outlook of the world, one treasured person at a time.

Whaddya think?