There's a chair in the restroom, just for you....

Lately, the news in Seattle has been bustling with the story of a group of mothers that are trying to pass a city ordinance to support breast-feeding in public. They are wanting it to be legally proclaimed a civil right. Since I am about to have a baby any day now, and fully plan of breast-feeding in public, I've been listening.

It is interesting to me that there is already a Washington State Law in support of breastfeeding. It essentially says that a mother has the right to breast-feed anywhere she has a right to have her baby (so- no bars) without covering up or excusing herself to the bathroom. Apparently this law is not very enforced due to budget cuts and staffing issues, so this group of moms have taken it to the city level.

Personally, I have never had a negative experience nursing in public, but since I am about to enter the nursing world again, I am very interested in this movement that would support mothers doing what is best for their babies. Which is why it infuriated me, when the news interviewed John Schmidt, co-owner of the Neighborhood Grill and he said 'that women sometimes breast feed in his restaurant and he's fine with it. But what if it bothers his other patrons? Would he want a city law to protect it?'

He actually said, "I support a women's right to breast feed her child," says Schmidt. "I have a problem with the city legislating how I run my business. We want to make a decision for my entire client base, not just one category."

When he said this, my sidekick and I just about blew our tops! I could care less that the fact that my public breastfeeding could make someone else uncomfortable. Should we ask every couple in love to not hold hands or kiss in public? Every parent with a busy toddler to never eat out? Or every every disabled person, who is missing an arm, a leg or an eye, to stay out of public eye?

My right to feed my child the most nourishing, stabilizing nutrition I can, is indeed my civil right, no different than my right to feed my toddler healthy grains, fruits and vegetables. The fact that it is made from my own body is completely irrelevant, but a definite plus for me. I know exactly what it is made of. And forcing me to nurse my child under a blanket is akin to forcing you to eat your dinner under a heat lamp.

So, John Schmidt, and every other business owner who thinks that their close minded patrons come before the health of my baby, I have the perfect solution for you. You should provide chairs in the restrooms. That way, when one of your patrons is "uncomfortable" by a mother breastfeeding, the "uncomfortable patron" can take their dinner and eat it there.

I look forward to eating at the Seattle Neighborhood Grill with my nursing baby, and I dare you to ask me to leave or cover up.

Whaddya think?

Due to some of the comments and emails I have received, I feel I should make a clarification. I do not believe that women should be able to nurse anywhere at anytime.

I think I should have a legal right to feed my child, uncovered, anywhere it is appropriate to have my child and anywhere similar activities (eating) are appropriate.

For example, if my child is not welcome (adult only restaurant, a bar, etc) I don't have the right to have my CHILD there, and therefore should not be nursing. In settings where eating or similar acts are not appropriate (some religious meetings, etc) it is not appropriate to nurse my child because EATING is not appropriate (in the same way it would be inappropriate for a grown man to eat a ham sandwich). Also, in religions where it is inappropriate for women to even show their face, or some similar belief that would make public nursing inappropriate, they should be allowed to claim a religious exemption in their house of worship.

I shouldn't ever have to leave or cover up just because some men/boys think my breasts are a sex object and are uncomfortable by my child nursing if I have a right to have my child there and other similar activities are appropriate.


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Dear Daddy,

As this baby continues to drop and the contractions continue to increase, it comes to my attention that you might be reporting for Grandparent Duty before Mom is able to. This means, you might be left ALONE with ALL of my children for 24- 48 hours. Contrary to your Facebook post, I have no doubt in your fabulous Grandpa skills (you are great at taking them camping, teaching them to shoot guns and feeding them ice cream for breakfast), but your mothering skills could use some brushing up.

So, in order to calm my nerves and fears, I have decided to spell in out.

In writing.

In Layman's terms.

(this is a legally binding document, your signature is required at the bottom.)

-Do not feed them ice cream for breakfast and send them to school. Their teachers will not be happy. Ice cream for breakfast is only appropriate when you are in charge of them. All day. Childrens' scrambled eggs (or any normal person's for that matter) do not contain feta cheese and greek olives. (true story) You mix the eggs in a bowl and dump them in a pan and stir. Or you pour a bowl of cereal.

-Rascal needs a lunch for school. Peanut butter is no longer appropriate due to the high number of children's allergies. A four year old's lunch does not contain:
1. a can of campbell soup (even if you send a can opener)
2. a whole, uncut apple
3. a can of sardines
4. a cup (so he can get his own water from the bathroom sink).

Better yet, don't worry about Rascal's lunch. I will take a bag of non perishable four year old friendly foods that he can eat in the event that you are in charge. Buster and Dodger can buy lunch. Don't worry about them either.

-My children ride in car seats. Always. It is never appropriate the throw them in the back of your truck for a "ride". Ever. Even just to the bus stop. It is no longer 1980. We've learned from your mistakes.

- You may not leave them in a running car while you run into the store. Ever. It is illegal and I say no.

-Dinner, does not consist of:
1. a can of snails. (true story)
2. marshmellows.
3. rattlesnake (true story)
4. frog legs (true story)
5. donuts, cookies, candy
6. or anything like the above.

Approved items for dinner, include:
1. mac and chees (NOT made with butter and pepper only. I know this is nostalgic to you because your mother made it that way, but my children do not like it, it will be wasted. Follow the directions on the box).
2. hot pockets
3. corn dogs
4. ramen (made according to the package)
5. frozen pizza (as is in the box- do not add mushrooms, peppers, snails, etc to the children's portion)
6. McDonalds
7. Teriyaki from the restaurant by the gas station.

If appropriate dinner foods are overwhelming to you, Buster can be in charge. He can make dinner for all. He's 10.

- Hand soap is NOT appropriate for whole body washing. (true story) The hand soap stays by the sink so you can wash your HANDS. I know that 50 years ago someone told you that dial soap was best so I bought you your very own, whole bottle of dial hair and body soap. This is all for you and not appropriate for Rascal. He needs the TEAR FREE soap. Last time you washed him with hand soap, I suffered the consequences for hours, and I won't be there this time.

- If (heaven forbid) someone pulls an arm out of joint, gets a cut to the bone, breaks a bone, shoots a nail through their fingers with the nail gun, or is injured in any way, we do NOT:
- slap a bandaid on it if we see bone
- transport the children to the hospital if we see a broken bone (that is what AMBULANCES ARE FOR).
-"pop it back in"
- pull the nail out ourselves (true story)- better yet, no power tools while I am gone.

We go to doctors and hospitals. We have insurance. There is a great hospital 10 minutes away and the pediatrician is 5 minutes away. I'll leave you the numbers/addresses.

-Bedtime is bedtime for a reason. (Rascal at 8 pm and Dodger and Buster can go to their rooms at 8 pm and read until 9 pm.) If you let them stay up until 10 or 11 pm, be advised that they will still wake up at 7:00- 7:30 am and they will be wretched, all day. This is not appropriate on the day I bring the new, unsleeping baby home from the hospital, on the previous days, you can decide for yourself what you want to deal with, as long as it isn't a school day.

-I made you a calendar of their comings and goings everyday to help you keep up; complete with moms to call for help/rides. I know every day is filled. That's how we roll. But, I left you all the times and addresses to help. :) And you can take a nap while they're at school.

- And finally, have no fear, Mom will arrive soon and I will leave you a list of moms you can call for reinforcements.

You're the greatest, Dad! It'll be fun.

Your Loving, Grateful Daughter

Whaddya think?