Would you like a FREE COOKBOOK????

I recently submitted a recipe for a charity cookbook and it's printed and ready and you can win a free copy!

Blogging for Fishes Cookbook was recently made for the fabulous Fish Family. Two of their 5 children have recently been diagnosed with Leaky SCIDS (the "Bubble Boy" disease) and have just completed their 2+ month hospital stays for a bone marrow transplant. Now their family of 7 is in complete isolation in their home while the girls engraft the new marrow and their new, hopefully healthier, immune systems strengthen. Keeping their family healthy is a full time job for parents, Tyler and Lisy. You can watch their full story here

and read updates on their blog here

all proceeds from the Blogging for Fishes Cookbook goes directly to the Fish Family!

So, if Strawberry Spinach Salad, Creamy Chicken Lime Taquitos or Cookies and Cream Truffles (that one's mine :) sound good to you, here's what you can do!!!

Write a Blog post, Facebook post,tweet about, pin on pinterest, or send an email to all your family and friends
about this fabulous cookbook and charity opportunity.

Every time you spread the word, don't forget to LET ME KNOW! You can shoot me an email or post a comment on one of my blogs. There is no limit to how many times you can be submitted in the drawing.

On Monday, April 9th, I'll let one of my kiddos pull the lucky name out of a hat and you could win a TOTALLY FREE, AWESOME COOKBOOK! (I'll even pay the shipping! -or deliver it myself!)

If you would like to purchase a cookbook, that's SWEET as well (you could always give the free one as a gift if you win!)

The hardcopy books are $12.99 and the e-book version (for the pdf file or e-pub (i-pad version) is $5.99. And remember ALL proceeds (that's 100% of the e-book version and $5 for every physical book) goes straight to the Fish Family! For information on ordering, go here

Thank you so much for your help and GOOD LUCK!!!

Whaddya think???