Life is a balance of things we can control and things we can't control.

For example:
I can't control whether my husband will loose his job. He can control how well his work is and we can control how we can prepare for such an event, but we cannot control whether or not he keeps his job.

I can't control whether my children will be injured or not. I can try and keep them safe and I can control how I respond to an accident, but I cannot control whether or not it will happen.

I cannot control how the nurse at the doctor's office will treat me. I can be kind, patient and polite and I can control my responses to her rude comments, but I cannot control how she speaks to me (and seriously, she was pretty raunch!)

Our lives are filled with elements we have no control over as well as elements we have complete control over. It is a waste of time to concern ourselves with all of the things we can't control. We can, and many times should, prepare for them, but no amount of worry will ever prevent them. How much happier and simpler our lives would be, if we reserved our energy for the things we can control.

Whaddya think?

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